"Soy Ronald Elward, escritor e investigador holandés, y llegué al Perú en 2008. Aquí encontré una Lima con una sorprendente arquitectura y una historia de más de 4.000 años de civilización, desconocida por muchos. Es como si fuera una ciudad escondida y la mejor manera de descubrirla es caminando. El resultado de esta fascinación fue la creación de 17 rutas para caminar, cada una investigada en detalle, y que ninguna otra empresa ofrece. Así que si lo que busca es una experiencia diferente, tendré mucho gusto en compartir esta Lima que para mí es, sin lugar a dudas, el secreto mejor guardado de América Latina".

The people of LIMA WALKS

The ambition of LIMA WALKS is to show visitors to Lima and people who stay here for a longer time the variety and diversity of this city. By walking in order to see the details. Many interesting and beautiful places are not immediately visible. You have to know where and how to find them. The people of LIMA WALKS know the city and love to show you these places.

Ronald Elward is Dutch and lives in Lima since July 2008. After an extensive publishing and writing career in Holland, including publishing the leading Dutch architecture magazine De Architect and writing a book on country houses, Ronald moved to Lima to start something new. Here he walked and investigated practically every corner of the city. Apart from initiating Lima Walks in August 2010, he researched in Cusco the present-day descendants of the Inca rulers, leading to a series of articles for leading newspaper El Comercio. He is a founding member of Limaq Publishing.

Javier Lizarzaburu is a writer, speaker and communications expert. A former Senior Producer with the BBC, he lived for over 20 years in the UK and worked as Washington Correspondent for BBC Mundo in the period 1998-2002, which earned him a few journalistic awards. Since returning to Peru in 2009 he has focused his work on the architectural heritage of Lima, and launched the campaign Lima Milenaria to recuperate the pre-Hispanic legacy of the city. He is a founder member of Limaq Publishing and speaks and writes regularly on city and heritage issues.

Susy Arteaga is Peruvian, from Lima. She has been working as a tour guide in Lima and other Peruvian cities for around 10 years. She is also a Spanish teacher, and has been teaching for 16 years. She is recommended by Footprint travel guide. She loves Peru, and thinks that her country is enchanting. She has traveled around the Peruvian coast, highlands and jungle, through 19 of the 24 departments of the country. She likes and enjoys Lima and with pleasure she shows you her city and its secrets. She speaks Spanish, English,French and very basic Chinese mandarin.